How can I get free RDP?

remote desktop protocol

The Remote Desktop Protocol free RDP allows remote users to determine and use Windows on a tool in another location. Key peripherals like your keyboard and mouse are shared with the remote machine, allowing you to use and control it as if you were sat right before it.

For free RDP server connections to work, you'd like two components an RDP server and an RDP client. A typical RDP server is that the Windows PC or server you’re connecting to and may control. The client could also be a PC or mobile device with an RDP client app installed, from which you control the server. Microsoft remote desktop offers its own client for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, with various third-party options available for remote desktop connection windows and other platforms

What is a remote desktop connection used for?

A remote desktop connection allows you to use virtually any computer or device so on attach to a special computer. Once you connect remotely, you get access to all or any or any of the resources on the pc you've connected to.

The remote desktop software provides access to a desktop or application hosted on a far off-host. It allows you to connect, access, and control data and resources on a far off-host as if you were doing it locally.

Using remote desktop services boosts data security, supplying you with the peace of mind you'd like when transmitting and utilizing valuable data. Most services will have additional safety features and encryption services built into them, for max data security. 

Working Remotely

If you've or need a BYOD environment at your company, you'd wish to possess the resources to make it efficient. Virtualizing your computer makes it accessible through any computer. this means you will be able to access your desktop from home or on the go because you will get thereto through an online browser. this permits your staff to be productive from any location from free RDP.

Top Security

When you have your data virtualized, security is significant to your success. You don’t need an answer that puts your information in peril. once you're employing a service to urge afar off the desktop connection, you get a team of execs to require care of your server. they create sure that your environment is consistently updated with the most recent security fixes. You shouldn’t get to worry about your data. Now you get an environment that backs up your data and allows you to recover information if it's ever lost.


Investing in technology isn't easy on the budget. It takes plenty of cash to make up a reliable tech solution that can provide the solutions to your business needs. This cost is offset once you utilize a far off desktop service. You don’t get to invest within the servers or staff to require care of these servers. you'll also save on hardware because employees can bring their own devices to access their desktop.

Easy Access

The major advantage of remote desktop software connection has the power to connect to your data from anywhere within the planet. Your data is in one place that's easy to determine and you did not get to have the software installed on your own computer. you furthermore may eliminate the need to travel with flash drives to need your information with you.

Easy Management

Every aspect of your network is often managed in real-time from one location. you'll edit permissions to groups of users or pinpoint specific users. you'll restrict their access so that they will only see certain things on their desktop. it's easier than ever to manage the network as a whole employing a foreign desktop connection.

Specifications free RDP

It is distinguished in a free RDP account that you can get very great capabilities that help you accomplish whatever your work requires you to have a device with strong and fast capabilities and this is something that saves you.

the speed of free RDP

When you get remote desktop services. the speed, whether for downloading or uploading on the Internet, sometimes reaches 1 GB or 10 GB depending on the region in which you are when you use a remote desktop connection.


Also, one of the distinctive things in obtaining .that you will get very fast speed in the work of the device or accomplish the tasks on the computer because it provides you with RAMs of sizes starting from 20 seriously to 100 GB

Processor speed

It provides you two types of Intel or AMD, which are characterized by strong speed, as it sometimes reaches the speed of the processor.

How do I get RDP?

If you're looking for a way to get free RDP

You have many methods available on the Internet, including free and paid, and among these paid methods are:

free RDP for students

Get from Amazon, by having students email in order to get a free RDP for students.

Get up from Microsoft Azure. Also, you will need a university e-mail to get it for 12 months

free RDP trial

Through Google Cloud so that you can participate in the free period provided by the site to you for a period of 12 months for only 1$

How can I get free RDP?

If you want the free RDP. There are many methods available on the Internet and a lot of the site that gives free RDP for a trial period, for example, a week or one month, but unfortunately, you will find that the possibilities are not great and there is a restriction on the use of this ...

Therefore, I will offer you the best free ways to get free RDP for windows and a lifetime without paying any money

(the fastest and easiest)

now you can get free RDP Ready to work directly without the need for any visa, email, university email, or anything. All you have to do is RDP download the file below in link ... as it will be updated on a daily basis

rdp download

The second way

a lifetime with limited capabilities RDP port. watch this video below

The third way 

Get over RDP VPN for life, by Gmail from Google Cloud. watch video below

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